What’s a buyer to do??

question markThe New Jersey real estate market is clawing its way back to some semblance of order, and at the same time buyers are finding it difficult to make any headway. Inventory is low, thus serious buyers are facing strong competition from other buyers when they do find a property they like. It seems the day of it being a buyer’s market is over, but is it really a seller’s market when many property owners are still “under water”? Confusing and frustrating, at best!

So, what is a buyer to think or do?

Buyers are typically searching on line for properties for sale. This is good to a point, but once the buyer has determined the area and price point they are interested in pursuing a home purchase in, they should not rely completely on the information found on line. Many times the inventory shown is already under contract or inaccurate.

What do do? Search for a real estate professional who works full time servicing the area they are interested in. Interview that agent and ask that agent if he/she offers buyer agency representation. After the first meeting with that agent, if all parties agree that a buyer agency relationship is mutually beneficial, enter into a buyer agency contract with that agent. Now the buyer can be assured that they will receive the most recent and most accurate information for the entire inventory in the market area they have chosen. The buyer’s agent will perform all due diligence for the buyer to assure success. Buyers who call directly to the listing agent of property they find on line must remember that the listing agent is the agent for the seller, not the agent for the buyer.

Our agents at ERA Central Realty Group are members of multiple MLS systems and have ALL properties in Central New Jersey at their fingertips. We have professional buyer representation. We can help!