What I learned from Evernote

Real Estate Connect NYCReal Estate Connect®, the annual conference from Inman News™ is over and like most first time attendees, (and probably some of the veterans too)  I’m back at my desk with my head full of ideas.  I’ve been looking forward to this conference for months.  This is where the cool kids are – the movers and shakers in real estate and tech, the Big Show for our industry.

So, what did I learn?   How long do you have?  Seriously…how long?   In the yards of notes I came home with, there’s one I keep coming back to.   Not the brand new widgets I want for our site – though there were some AMAZINGLY cool options like the one from Picket Report .   It was a seemingly offhand comment by the CEO of the company I was the most excited to see at Connect – Evernote.

Phil Libin, CEO of Evernote was interviewed as a keynote speaker on day one of the conference.  He was asked about his company of course, his experience as a real estate consumer, his plans for the future and in the middle of all that he made a seemingly casual comment that I’ll paraphrase here.

It is easy now to be excellent.  There’s no longer room for average.  

He was speaking as an innovator – but his advice couldn’t be more perfect for the real estate industry.   We’re on the edge here, people.  It’s time to roll our sleeves up, dig in and get real.  As a relative newbie to the real estate world, I’ve only known the business since the bubble burst.   So, the rules have changes and now more than ever, we need to be a field of educated professionals.   The stakes are too high for our clients and we really do have every tool and technology available to be exceptional.

So this is the phrase that is going to guide me in 2012.  There is no longer room for average.  I’m looking forward to taking what we’ve learned in NYC and using it to support our team as we take central NJ real estate to the next level.   2012 is shaping up to be an excellent year.