Real estate inspiration from AC/DC

Stephanie Bellanova“I’m on the highway to hell”…. anyone not living under a rock knows these words as sung by AC/DC.  Many people might listen to this song and think it has a negative message, yet when I heard it the other day, it took on a different meaning for me.  

I was driving to the office, the morning after returning from ERA President’s Circle conference. As with most conferences, you get pumped up to head into work the next day, but after this particular conference I was pumped up more than usual. I had ideas swimming all through my head – and couldn’t wait to sort them all out.  That’s when it hit me. The simplicity of it all.

No stop signs, speed limit
Nobodys gonna slow me down
Like a wheel, gonna spin it
Nobodys gonna mess me round….

AC/DC had it all figured out. They knew who they were and exactly where they were headed and nothing was going to stop them.  Not to say that I’m headed to hell, but I am clear in my intent for the day and the month and the year…and I WILL make it to my goals.

With clarity on my side I’m on the highway to awesomeness ready to rock the real estate world.

~Stephanie Bellanova