How do you find a local Real Estate Expert?

question markIt isn’t difficult to find a real estate agent in your area –  most agents are skilled at getting their names, faces and inventory out to the local markets.   But if you are planning to buy or sell a home in central NJ, what should you be looking for in your local real estate expert?

Knowledge, experience…sure.   Marketing savvy…of course.   However, what makes a real estate agent an “expert”?   The KCM crew posted their thoughts on the subject yesterday, and the analogy they used couldn’t be more accurate.

If you go to a doctor with a serious ailment, he/she will give you your options and work with you to develop the best treatment program. They cannot guarantee any program’s success. They will, however, monitor your progress and adjust your treatments or medications. They will stand next to you until the best result is achieved.

Now, what about real estate?  The analogy holds true.   When you are searching for your real estate expert, look for the professional that listens to your needs, and after analyzing your unique situation, recommends a course of action.   Both buyers and sellers of real estate need an agent who can effectively communicate your options and proactively make suggestions to change your strategy as the buying or selling process proceeds.

Beware of absolute guarantees.  Your doctor can’t guarantee a recovery, and your agent can’t guarantee a particular outcome either.  What we can do is give you the best care and advice possible, and work with you to achieve your goals…as a team.