Why I went to Real Estate Connect

It’s funny how after being in the real estate business for 22 years I could be nervous about attending a conference. Well, if I’m being honest with myself, I was. New York City, Real Estate Connect® from Inman News™. The biggest real estate technology conference out there and I was going.

I think that I was nervous because this is a conference where CEO’s of companies like Realogy and all the big franchises go to learn, this is where the trainers that I listen to go and get their information.  So, maybe I thought I wouldn’t measure up and I’d be lost in the data.  Well, turns out I’m not too small town after all – I fit right in and I fit well.

So, I come right back to what I tell my kids...if you’re nervous you must be about to do something great.”  Inman Connect did just what the name suggests.  It helped me to connect all the different technologies we touch in real estate into one “idea” or “plan” for our company.  It helped me to see how technology touches or can touch the whole real estate sales process from start to finish.

What is most exciting is that for years I’ve pushed the limits of technology in our company, but the technology never quite lived up to what we needed it to do.  Now it does. But, for most brokers now that it does, they are overwhelmed and don’t know how to implement it. Well, this is what I’ve been looking forward to – it’s going to be an awesome year.

I listened to panels of experts talk about the future of mobile, tablet, and computer technologies, but was able to tie that to how it affects the real estate industry and our marketing and service. I heard an owner of a virtual real estate office (who is probably as old as my career) speak about how to run a virtual real estate office, but comment on his struggles with training and motivating agents.  Someone might ask, do you feel threatened by the next generation of extremely tech saavy agents and brokers thinking they can do it better with technology?  The answer is no…I feel empowered.  I feel that I am in the perfect place with my experience and knowledge of running a real estate office coupled with my age and ability to understand and implement new technologies alongside of the industry basics to be a complete and forward thinking company.

So, what did I take away from Inman Connect?  Confidence.  Empowerment.  Excitement! Thanks, Inman.