Spotswood is a borough in Middlesex County, New Jersey, United States.

Borough of Spotswood — This borough, created April 15, 1908, is on the southeast border of East Brunswick, near the mouth of Machaponix creek, and is a station on the Camden & Amboy branch of the Pennsylvania railroad, about eleven miles south of Perth Amboy. Among the earliest residents, of whom there is any record, were David Carnegie (Lord Rosehill), John Lewis Johnston, James Rue, Samuel Neilson, David Stout, Richard Lott, James Abrams and James and John Perrine, referred to in the charter of St. Peter’s Church, granted November 23, 1773, by William Franklin, the last royal governor of New Jersey, as”all freeholders and inhabitants of the town of Spotswood,” etc. It is the general belief that the Johnston above mentioned, of the ancient family of “Spottiswoode in Scotland,” conferred the name in honor of his ancestors, as he was the owner of much land adjacent to the present borough. It is also supposed that the area of the tract known as Spotswood in 1773 was much larger than the boundaries of the former village.
Spotswood owes its existence to the water power there, and was known as a manufacturing point since its earliest history. During the Revolutionary War a paper-mill was in operation, and it is claimed the paper was there made on which the Continental notes were printed.

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