What Personality Traits Make for a Successful Real Estate Agent?

Written By: Stephanie Bellanova, Broker/Owner, ERA Central Realty Group

Many people think they will do great with a real estate career because they like working with people, or they have a sales background, or they just plain love houses.  But what truly sets a top producing agent apart from the rest? We did some research and here’s what we found.

ERA Central Realty Group enlisted nationally recognized Caliper Corporation, a talent management solution for business hiring and developing employees based out of Princeton, NJ, to run a study on our Top Performing Agents.  20 agents, all of whom are performing at the highest levels in real estate sales, volunteered to take part in the study.

Some interesting results emerged.  

The first observation that Caliper found was that the agents had two distinctly different personality profiles:  The more aggressive style agents were put in Group 1 and the non-aggressive style agents were put in Group 2.  This observation crushes the misconception that successful real estate salespeople are aggressive with  close-the-sale-no-matter-what ambitions.  The truth is that many top agents are very low-pressure salespeople. In fact, of the 20 participants in the study, HALF scored high in aggressiveness/assertiveness and HALF scored much lower in that area.

So with two very clearly different overall personality types being Top Performing Agents, let’s look at what both groups had in common.  Below are the traits that all of the Top Performers shared and the definition of each trait.  

Ego-strength: Capacity to handle rejection and criticism. Individuals with high scores on Ego-Strength tend to be unconcerned by setbacks.

Cautiousness: Inclination to make decisions carefully and think through relevant facts and alternatives. High scorers tend to be careful when deliberating options and calculating outcomes.

Energy: Potential to sustain a high level of activity over extended periods. People who score high on this attribute tend to be active in the workplace.

Self Structure: Preference for independently determining work methods. Individuals with high scores are apt to be motivated to independently determine their work approach.

Empathy: Potential to perceive others’ feelings and to adapt as needed. An empathic individual should be capable of understanding others and adjusting accordingly.

Skepticism: Inclination to doubt or question others’ motives. Caliper’s research has shown that this attribute is a Performance Inhibitor in some jobs.  Highly skeptical individuals tend to be guarded and wary of others’ intentions. This trait serves real estate agents well since they have to be able to assess if a potential client is actually ready, willing and able to transact.  In a profession that is 100% commission – this trait is essential to survival.

Do any of these traits define you?

If so, then you’ve got a great shot at making it in real estate sales.  Call today to talk more in-depth with our team to see if real estate is a fit for you.  We’re always looking for the right associates to add to our family of professionals.  whyERA.com