Finding a lender

house moneyCongratulations!  You’ve decided to purchase your own home.  This was probably a difficult decision to make, and the fun of searching for your new nest is about to begin!  Before you head out to your first open house, you will need to find a key member of your home buying team:  your lender.

You will need to find and work with a lender to obtain a pre-approval, so that you can determine how much house you can comfortably afford.  Many sellers require a pre-approval before they will let a buyer into their home, so this is an important step to take.   Don’t be nervous, obtaining a pre-approval is also a relatively quick and easy process to complete. Choose a lender with whom your brokerage has a satisfactory history DON’T be misled by interest rate quotes Need a little help getting started?  The lenders we have listed below are three of the largest lenders in the United States, and are able to find a mortgage program to fit just about any situation.  That isn’t why they are listed here on our website. We are providing their information to you because we have found that they do not mislead buyers and provide professional services, all while keeping you and your agent informed all along the way.

First Niagara Bank

Aret Kalayjian

(267) 996-5020

Wells Fargo

Gillian Marcello, NMLSR ID 404153


Gateway Funding The Mancino Team