3 Features of ERACentral.com that our clients LOVE!

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Here at ERA, we take pride in making your home search as easy as possible. We understand that’s today’s consumers are doing much of their homework online when it come to seeking out real estate information. We have taken all of our customers and clients suggestions to make our website as user friendly and fun as possible! Here are the top three things we think you will love about our website:

1. Accurate, up-to-date information on homes for sale

We know that you want the most accurate and current information when searching for your next home. By pulling complete, informative listing information straight from several local MLS’s, we can give you just that! With our intuitive ZAP website platform, all the information-rich home details and up-to-date search results is all at your fingertips.

2. A thorough, personalized search experience

When you know what you want in a home, finding a home with those criteria’s are important! And with our saved searches, it saves our customers time! No need to to recreate the search every time you log in. Also… wait for it….. are you sitting down?…… With our New Listing Alerts, you never have to guess at how often to check back- our website will notify you when a new home with those criteria is available! Wait… it gets better…. Those saved searches and New Listing Alerts are accessible across all of your devices!

3. A consistent, convenient connection to your Agent

You are busy, we get it. When you are doing your home search and you find a home that sparks your interest, our website makes it easy for you to request information or tour the home right away. We are here for you from the first day you register and onward. Our website is designed so that our contact information is available from every page.