10 Ways to LIGHT UP Your Real Estate Career

10 Ways to Light Up Your Real Estate Career

10. Be a Life Long Learner
Attend seminars and training sessions as much as possible. The minimum should be four times a year.

9. Build Your Client Portfolio
Real Estate is about who you know. Becoming connected to a wide referral network will help.

8. Follow Up and Follow Through
Respond to all inquiries with valuable information and do as your promise.

7. Treat it Like a Business
It’s not just a job. You need to budget your expenses and determine your return on investment

6. Find a Mentor
Locate someone that you can ask questions of and help guide you. It doesn’t have to be someone in real estate but it does need to be someone that can motivate you and inspire you.

5. Market Yourself
Be your own megaphone no one else will be. Be careful here as there a many ways to spend your money. So watch your return on investment.

4. Utilize Technology
Use technology to help maintain your contacts, track your business and keep you moving forward. It’s not a crutch but it is a valuable tool when used right.

3. Know Your Market
You need to know what you are selling. Know what the home down the street sold for and why!

2. Choose the Right Real Estate Office WhyERA.com
The right real estate office is very important. Look for an office that will support you and guide you on your career.

1. Have Fun
You will work hard in the Real Estate business. You also need to play and have fun or you will burn out.